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This is the official press release announcing that Michael will be joining the cast of Emmerdale.


Here is a link to watch the trailer for the film Stepdad.


The DVD can be ordered online from Singa Home Entertainment at this address http://www.singahe.com/drama.html.  So far this is the only place where it's available. 


Here is a link to an article in the Northwich Guardian about Educating Rita, with a nice recent picture of Michael.

Educating Rita article


Below is a link to a site offering merchandise such as mugs, mouse mats, t-shirts, photos, etc. all printed with a lovely picture of Michael.  I might be wrong but I think it's from around 1989 during the filming of Wish Me Luck in the south of France.  (Please note I have never ordered anything from this site so am unable to vouch for it personally, although it's worth a look just for the gorgeous picture!)

Michael J. Jackson merchandise

(Copyright for this picture is owned by MirrorPrintStore 2005)


The site below has 2 short clips of Michael as Ollie Simpson in Brookside.  (Look under 'The Simpsons').  If you were into Brookside this is the most informative site out there, with a huge amount of information/clips/etc.  Well worth a look.

Brookside Soapbox


This is a link to the TV series Wish Me Luck in which Michael played Kit Vanston - an intelligence agent in occupied France during WW2 (his best performance in my opinion!). 

Wish Me Luck


Make Me A Filmstar is a new talent TV show involving Michael as one of the judges.  Visit the website for more info:

Make Me A Filmstar


Click on the link below to watch the short film 'Family Portrait' where Michael plays the estranged abusive husband who murders his wife and son.

Click here to download Family Portrait

Family Portrait


Here is a link to an interesting article from the Chronicles '99 event (Highlander convention - Michael J. Jackson played Sean Burns the psychiatrist).  There is also a write up of his Q & A session:

Highlander - Chronicles 1999


Here is another link to the Chronicles '99 event with a picture of Michael:

Chronicles '99 Gallery


Highlander Worldwide is the official Highlander website with news, information and photo galleries.

Highlander Worldwide



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