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          Full Name:        Michael John Jackson

          Date of Birth:   19th January 1948

          Place of Birth:  Liverpool, UK


Michael was born in Liverpool, Merseyside, UK in 1948.  He has a BA Degree in education from the prestigious London University, although he didn't go to drama school. 

Michael's early career involved mostly theatre productions, the first being at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield.  Following that he toured with the Royal Shakespear Company with roles in King Lear and Romeo and Juliet.  He has also been known to sing on stage, I believe the song was To Be A Sheffield Grinder.  He was quoted as saying of the performance "...the first song I ever sang on stage, and last!".

In 1973 Michael began his TV acting career.  Since then Michael has appeared in many theatre productions as well as TV/films and in 1978 won the Evening Standard British Film Awards 'Most Promising Newcomer (Actor)' following his performance in Sweeney 2.  Michael has also worked with Rowan Atkinson in the West End production of The Nerd in 1984.

In 1990 Michael (along with fellow cast member Kate Buffery) wrote episode three of the third series of Wish Me Luck in which he had played a leading role since 1987. Apparently he just asked Michael Chaplin, the producer, if he could have a go!

In the UK Michael is probably best known for his role as Ollie Simpson and his family's controversial storyline in Channel 4's Brookside, although across the Atlantic he is best known for playing the psychoanalyst Sean Burns in Highlander during the late 1990's, which has now become somewhat of a cult.  Highlander related sites are still going strong several years after the series ended.

In addition to TV and theatre Michael has also done some voice over work, narrated audio books and has appeared in one of the famous Barclaycard adverts in the 1990's. 

Before becoming an actor Michael wanted to be a footballer.  At 6'1" he would have made a good goal keeper!  Michael is a huge football fan and once said in an interview with the Daily Mirror he would never want to live abroad because he would miss the football too much!  

He's a Liverpool FC supporter.  So much so that when asked in a newspaper interview if he could have one wish what would it be he replied "for Liverpool to win the Premiership!".  You never know, stranger things have happened.

As far as I know Michael is still living in the north west and continues to juggle both teaching and acting careers.  He is currently teaching English and Drama at Calderstones School in Liverpool, where he is very popular with the students!









Michael J. Jackson


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