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A bit about this site
This site was built in the summer of 2007 and went online in September 2007. 
My main reason for doing this was because, unbelievably, there weren't any other sites dedicated solely to Michael J. Jackson and there isn't an official site either. 
I first saw Michael in a TV series called Wish Me Luck in early 1988 when I was about 13 and really liked the way he portrayed his character (not to mention the fact that he was completely gorgeous!), but I had no knowledge of any of his other work.  It was only with the advent of the internet that I was able to find anything out about his other TV appearances, and that was usually after the the program had been aired so catching him on TV was a bit hit and miss (still is!). 
I thought it was unusual that such an established actor didn't have a fansite, so I thought I'd give it a go. My aim was to produce an informative site with some pictures and a few interesting links all under one roof. 
I had no idea at the time whether the site would get any hits or even what people would think of it, given my limited knowledge of web design and html.  As it turned out, interest has been growing as the site gained visibility on Google and other search engines, and I've had many emails from people saying how much they enjoy Michael's work, so he clearly has lots of fans out there. 
Here are some answers to the questions I get asked most often:
Am I Michael J. Jackson?
Do I know him, am I in contact with him?
What's the address of his official site?
There isn't one, as far as I know.
Is he still acting, or just teaching now?
He's teaching and acting

Can I send out signed photos?
Sorry, I don't have any spares.  I only had 2 autographs, one of which I gave away in a competition, the other is for myself.  I don't think his agents send out signed photos either, but you could pester them at this address:  Creative Artists Management, 1st Floor 55-59 Shaftesbury Avenue London W1D 6LD.  I've asked a few times but never had anything back.
Does Michael know about this site/does he ever visit/what does he think of it?
He definitely knows about it, but I've no idea if he's ever visited.  I've no idea what he thinks about it (I bottled out of asking him when I met him!) but I'm sure if he was unhappy with anything I'd get to know about it somehow.
Can I pass a message on to him?
Sorry, I have no way of doing that.  I forward all emails to his agents.  It's up to them if they pass things on or not.
Why has my message been deleted from the Guestbook?
The main reason I delete either part or whole messages is because they are too sexually explicit.  Also any comments that might upset anyone will be deleted.  I don't like to censor things too much but, girls, please don't go into too much detail about what you'd like to do to him!
Finally, a few points to note:
* Please be aware I am not Michael Jackson and am not in contact with him.  Michael has no involvement in this site (but would be more than welcome to if he wanted!) and any opinions expressed here are my own and not those of Michael J. Jackson. 
* All news/rumours are things I've found out myself, they are usually not official and may turn out to be wrong. This is nothing to do with either Michael or his agents.
* All fan mail received here is forwarded to his agents. I have no idea if it ever reaches Michael but I'm happy to pass it on all the same.
Site stats are provided by the standard Google Webmaster tool and it only gathers browsing stats, no personal info.  All info regarding number of hits, country of origin, etc. is available to anyone (just ask me for a copy), but I didn't make it publicly available on the site, like some people do, purely because I thought it would be too boring.
Sorry this is getting a bit long, if you're still awake and reading this then thanks for visiting the site.
Michelle x


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