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I have put this page together after a request to 'do something with Sean Burns' (oo-err!).  So, this page is dedicated to the much loved and missed Sean Burns, the immortal psychoanalyst from the series Highlander. 

Please be patient while the slideshow loads.  You'll need Adobe Flash Player to view it, if you don't already have it download it free here: 



If you want to use the slideshow as a screensaver just download this file and install it.

Sean Burns Screensaver.exe


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Fans of Highlander will already know much more about Sean Burns than I do so I won't attempt to write anything about him here.  If you've already seen the episodes with Sean Burns then it's easy to see why this charming character is so well liked and highly regarded.  You can get a good idea of who he was by reading the article opposite which briefly sums up his life and  death(s). 

Click below to view the original Wikipedia article for Sean Burns:



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Here are a few downloadable clips.  (Files are .avi and between 4.5mb - 7.5mb)



1779 - Sean persuading Steven to forgive




1796 - Winding up Fritz at friends' 100th Anniversary party




1917 - Duncan and Sean in WW1 France




1996 - The dark quickening - Sean is killed outside his home in Limay, France


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Slideshow music by The Killers - Read My Mind
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